Hidden Technology Inc is committed to providing impeccable service along with today's cutting-edge technology for your home and businesses' electrical and technology needs.




We start with padded drop sheets to protect your floor. Next, we place plastic drop sheets over beds and other furniture. 


Sit down and relax. We try to make your system as easy to control as turning on a light. 


Need to get that iPad online? We can handle that. We have three networking options to choose from. 


Lighting And Fan Installations


Our installers come with the following to help protect your home and make you feel safe.

Plastic drop sheets to go over beds and other furniture. Padded drop sheets to protect your wooden floors. Clean supplies for cleaning up fan/light fixtures and any mess we make.




Sit down and relax. We try to make your system as easy to control as turning on a light. We will take care of hiding all of those wires behind your walls, so all you see is a professional installation. 

  • Effortless 5.1 Home Theater System
  • Mount TV to Wall And Install A Sound Bar
  • Just Mount A TV To Wall.

Networking and Communication

Basic Networking (Good)

  • Wi-Fi allows electronic devices to connect to the Internet or to exchange data.
  • Optional guest Wi-Fi network. Create a separate Wi-Fi network with a separate password just for your guests. Your guests can access the Internet but not other parts of your primary network, such as your computers, and LAN-attached hard drives.
  • Security. Built-in firewall to protect your network from Internet attacks. The firewall is automatically turned on, so you don’t have to do a thing.

Better Networking

  • Same as above but better equipment and custom built for your needs.
  • Commercial grade high powered WiFi
  • Optional multiple access points for WiFi that work together and without inference.
  • Optional commercial grade router with two WAN ports. (FYI: two WAN ports is so you can have two Internet service providers going to your home or business. The router automatically switches from one service provider based on speed or if one provider goes down, so you do not lose Internet access.)   
  • Gigabit performance across all ports
  • Content filtering. Keep your kids and employees safe and on task.

Managed Network System (Best)

  • Allows us to monitor, manage and maintain networks from anywhere in the world. 
  • Auto-reset if your network can not connect to the Internet for X minutes. We can set it to auto-reset and/or power off and back on devices like modems and routers.  
  • Self-healing network. When devices lock up, the network will automatically power cycle the device so it unlocks and automatically goes back online. 

Surge Protection:

  • Whole Home Surge Protection
  • TV & Phone Surge Protection
  • Camera Surge Protection
  • Other Surge Protection